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Piece Together: Collage & Mosaics

Grades 1 – 2
10 Wednesdays, 3:30  – 5:30 pm
January 9 – March 13, 2019
Excludes February 20, 2019

Explore materials, pattern, color and texture

Paper, wood, stone, metal, and glass are some of the materials used to create pieces of artwork. Designers look to color, texture and other properties of materials to help them make creative decisions.

Design and construct collage and mosaic art that combines everything that inspires you. Use smaller pieces to create a larger visual image. Cover wooden objects you build in class, such as bowls, boxes and picture frames from the studio.

If your K-5th grade child is not being dropped off to art classes by a parent or guardian, they must be enrolled the Snack ‘n Track program.