2023 Printmaking

Screenprinting with Chris Wallace
Mondays, 6:30-9:30pm | Print Studio

1/23/22 – 3/19/22 | No Programming 2/20
This class is structured both for introductory as well as experienced screenprinters for a 10-week course that covers water-based screenprinting. We’ll be ¬†exploring the basic techniques and concepts of this fine art printmaking process. As always in our studios, there will be an emphasis on non-toxic methods and materials. Techniques covered will include: cut paper and hand-painted (autographic) stencils, monotypes, and photographic emulsion.

Experimental approaches towards the process will be encouraged. No prior experience is required.

This class also includes 2 extra weeks of studio time, as well as sign-up based independent hours throughout the session.

Registration is now open!