Arts Afterschool 2022-2023

For 6th-8th grade programming, please click here.

Registration for 1st-5th 2022-2023 afterschool is currently closed. Please add yourself to the waitlist. And check out our Youth Workshops!

In an effort to make our arts programming more accessible for families who rely on us for childcare, our arts programming revamped the structure of our program. Our programs are a school year length commitment.

Timeline & Structure of programming | Beginning at the end of our students school day, once onsite, students have snack and recess with all age groups enrolled in the program. At 3:30pm we transition into our designated art classes which is organized by grades. Each day our instructors meet with groups of 1st-2nd, 3rd-5th, and 5-8th graders. The groups will rotate through different mediums every 6-7 weeks. Currently our medias are ceramic, printmaking, fine art, theatre/dance and mixed media (a little bit of everything)!
COVID-19 Safety 
Our COVID-19 safety steps are ever-evolving. To help mitigate the risk of spreading COVID-19 in our programs, we keep our programs outdoors as much as possible, including while eating snack. Mask-wearing is encouraged but not required.