2023 Printmaking

Screenprinting with Chris Wallace
Mondays, 6:30-9:30pm | Print Studio

4/17/23-6/12/23 | No Programming 5/27
This class is structured both for introductory as well as experienced screenprinters for a 10-week course that covers water-based screenprinting. We’ll be  exploring the basic techniques and concepts of this fine art printmaking process. As always in our studios, there will be an emphasis on non-toxic methods and materials. Techniques covered will include: cut paper and hand-painted (autographic) stencils, monotypes, and photographic emulsion.

Experimental approaches towards the process will be encouraged. No prior experience is required.

This class also includes 2 extra weeks of studio time, as well as sign-up based independent hours throughout the session (last day of indie studio use 6/26/23)

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Saturday, June 10th 11am-2pm | Register here!

Learn the Cyanotype basics with seasoned printmaker, Susan Murie. Susan will demonstrate how to prepare your paper and make and process prints. And offer tips and tools of the trade for the best results!

Price includes all materials to make a few of prints in the workshop and you will go home with additional coated paper to expose, a hake brush, a sheet of 11″x14″ plexiglass with backing, clips and a supplier list so you can continue to make prints after the workshop.Please bring in materials if you wish to develop them under the cyanotype print process.

Raindate TBD | Artwork created by Susan Murie