Acquisition Policies

Acquisition Policies

Maud Morgan Arts owns a small collection of editioned screenprints and one-of-a-kind works on paper and paintings by Maud Morgan.

If you own a piece of Maud’s and are interested in donating it to Maud Morgan Arts, we will consider accepting donations on a case by case basis with the understanding that if it should be sold, all proceeds would benefit the art center.

Please see our acquisition policies as detailed below.

Collection and Acquisition Policy

Maud Morgan Arts is a program of the Maria L. Baldwin Community Center, a registered 501(C)3 non-profit organization located at the same address: 20 Sacramento Street, Cambridge, MA, 02138.

Collection Description and Purpose: Maud Morgan Arts is a studio arts and educational facility and not a museum. It is not in the position to provide museum-standard care, storage, or insurance assessment for art work. On an informal basis, Maud Morgan Arts and the Maria L. Baldwin Community Center exhibits, acquires, holds and makes available for purchase, the original art work of its namesake, Maud Morgan.

Collection Objectives: To maintain art works and artifacts specifically related to Maud Morgan as a means for education, public awareness and celebration, and to directly support the programming and operations of Maud Morgan Arts. All acquisitions must first be approved for acceptance by the Director of Maud Morgan Arts and the Executive Director of the Maria L. Baldwin Community Center.

Acquisitions Policy: Art work and artifacts must meet the following criteria before Maud Morgan Arts may acquire them:

  • Items must be acquired by unrestricted gift or bequest.
  • The item must reasonably satisfy the collecting objectives stated above.
  • The current owner should have clear title to the item.
  • If possible, the item should have documented or documentable provenance.
  • The item shall be accepted for the collection only as unencumbered and unrestricted; its care, exhibition, storage, and disposition is to be determined by Maud Morgan Arts.
  • Shipment, packing and sundry delivery costs are the responsibility of the donor, unless otherwise stated in writing by the Director of Maud Morgan Arts.
  • Under United States IRS regulations, Maud Morgan Arts cannot accept responsibility for appraisal. The donor is responsible for appraisal.