Chandler Gallery Current Exhibition
October 17, 2019

Discovering a box of old family letters in my family’s basement would change the way I painted and how I thought about my work. There were stacks of letters bound in twine according to who sent them. They dated back as far as 1919 through 1946. Many of these letters reference the dust bowl days of Texas and the Great Depression. I come from a family of cattlemen and farmers who were dependent on the weather for their survival. Loss of crops due to droughts and tough conditions in raising cattle are common themes coupled with money problems. These problems are not mine, but I couldn’t help relate them to obstacles and set backs that we all have.

Encaustic is a medium that can be worked flat or sculpturally. One of its many attributes is it can retain any stress mark or scrape once it cools. It has an innate feature for documentation. These letters; represent a period of suffering, loss and endurance in our country, and for me, the intricately-worked encaustic shrouds became metaphors for struggle and change. Layers of wax literally cover up the past. I peel them back to reveal a portion of what once was.

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Mini Pumpkin Painting
October 26, 2019

With Ian Prishwalko
Saturday, October 26th

Join MMA for a morning of mini pumpkin painting! Artists will receive a pumpkin and will work with Ian as they design and paint their own creations. Wear clothes you don’t mind getting messy and enjoy the fun!

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Rip it UP!
November 02, 2019

There is liberation in ripping up old prints, drawings or photographs. Suddenly, pieces are smaller and smaller and there are new edges!

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