Chandler Gallery Current Exhibition
February 26, 2018

One could argue that the way a story is told can be just as important as the story itself. Exploring those nuances is exactly what local artist Bill Porter intends for his new show “Impart.” In this collection, Porter will construct a stunning narrative between contrasting visuals that expresses themes of heritage, identity and the mysteries of life as seen through a child’s eyes.

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In Process: Critique Nights
February 27, 2018

Elements of painting are introduced in guided exercises. Using the transparency of watercolor pigments, explore color mixing and layering along with brush techniques and washes. Experiment with new combinations of figurative or abstract images, using visualization, imagination and your own intuition to unlock your inventive thinking. Experiment with combinations of techniques that can be used to create works of art that appear complex, yet easy to produce.

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Family Workshop
February 23rd, 10:30am – 12:30pm | To register for the event, please click here.

Join architects from the BSA Foundation to envision the future of the Boston waterfront with LEGO bricks. Scientists predict that Boston will experience up to two feet of sea-level rise by 2050 and up to six feet by 2100. How will the downtown neighborhood be affected by the rising waters? Can residents and designers think of ways to live happily with water as it increases each year? Participants will learn about the challenges being faced, see ideas generated by architects in the Living with Water competition, and envision a future for a site in the Fort Point neighborhood using LEGO Bricks.


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