Chandler Gallery Current Exhibition
January 24, 2017

Work by Robin Boger and Sean Kernan

January 11 to February 3, 2017

Reception: Sunday, January 22, 5:00- 7:00 pm

Photographers Robin Z. Boger and Sean Kernan Bring Distant Lands to Life at the Chandler Gallery

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Pop-Up Cards for Special Occasions
February 05, 2017

Spend time with a loved one and join us for this multi-age workshop to create surprising and fun Valentine cards. Learn how to transform images from 2 dimensions into 3 when opened. These can also be just for fun or for a special occasion or special person.

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Incisive Discussions: Critique Seminar
January 25, 2017

Challenge yourself to grow as an artist. Use this seminar series to “see” your work through other eyes, and to develop goals for progress. Test ideas on the group, practice speaking about your work, and develop a coherent artist’s statement.

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NEW Studio Sampler Series

A new series of five-week classes designed to introduce topics in studio art. Topics will vary by session and are designed to inspire without a huge commitment and explore your skills and interests.



February Vacation Week, Grades 3-5, Grades 6-9

Learn a new skill this new year! Spend your vacation week in one of our 4-day workshops for grades 3-5, ceramics and fiber arts, or for grades 6-8, architectural design.



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