Grades 6-8 Descriptions

Please Review MMA’s Programming Updates for Fall 2020

Wednesday Art Afternoons
Over the summer ABC/MMA upgraded our outdoor spaces with tents, outdoor furniture, and outdoor sinks. We essentially created outdoor classrooms and feel this set up is the safest environment that we can offer for both staff and artists, and while the weather cooperates, we plan to continue to operate outdoors whenever possible. Classes will only be moved indoors in the case of severe weather conditions. The indoor studio we will be using regularly opens up completely to the outdoors.

Classes will be run with a maximum of 8 students per group. We’ve been referring to this as a ‘pod.’ Each pod will have separate outdoor and indoor spaces, bathrooms, and outdoor hand washing sinks. To limit the number of people students and instructors are interacting with, parents and caregivers will drop children off at the gate and are not permitted to enter the backyard.

Please note that children enrolled in the Agassiz Baldwin Community virtual learning support or afterschool can not also do the Wednesday programming. This is in order to maintain the structured pod system. We may adjust this model once students start to go back to in-person school but for the time-being, we are trying to keep small, separated groups of students and staff within our programs.

The Schedule:
Wednesday Art Afternoons will be held on Sep 23rd, Sep 30th, and Oct 7th. To align with the Cambridge Public Schools, Sep 23rd and Oct 7th will be 1 – 5:30 PM and September 30th will be 3-5:30 PM. Children will do two different art activities with a different instructor, and have a snack and recess in between. The shorter day will be a condensed version of the schedule.

$250 for programming and materials
Scholarships are available! Please contact us if you need a scholarship and we will help get you registered.

Each artist will have a box with their materials. If students are using any shared materials or tools during their classes, (such as certain printmaking tools) these materials will be sanitized between use. Any specialized materials not in their art kit box needed for an activity will be distributed by our teachers while maintaining social distance.

Pod of Artists
Each pod will have a maximum of 8 children. Each pod will work with 2-3 teachers, who will work with 2 pods.

What to Bring: 

    • NUT FREE afternoon snack
    • Waterbottle
  • 2 masks or face coverings (child should come wearing one and have a back-up in their backpack)
  • Layers of clothing to accommodate being outside under a tent or in the yard. Prepare for the varying fall temperatures. We suggest an extra sweater or sweatshirt or jacket for cool days, socks, closed toed shoes. Rain gear is strongly encouraged for any days where rain is in the forecast. Children will remain outdoors in tents in light rain.

This program is for students in Junior Kindergarten-8th Grade. Click here for our updated children’s program policies. Children who are participating in ABC’s other fall programs (Distance Learning Support or Afterschool) cannot enroll in Wednesday Art Afternoons. 

Tuition & Refund Policies
Once you enroll in the program, you will not be able to get a refund if you withdraw, unless we close the program as described below. While we will do everything we can to keep COVID19 out of the program, it is possible that we will have to close the program at any point due to increased local outbreaks, or cases of COVID19 among staff or children. If this happens, we will refund 50% of tuition for remaining days. With so many prepaid expenses, we cannot offer full refunds due to closures. If a child has to miss program days due to illness, illness of a family member, or contact with someone who had COVID or COVID symptoms, the child will not be permitted to attend the program and no refunds will be issued.

Health & Safety Regulations
Face Coverings/Masks
While on site your child will be required to wear a mask. We ask that you choose a mask carefully and find ones that don’t slip off the nose easily. We also ask that you provide a back up mask in their backpack. We will have disposable masks on hand for anyone who may need one or for any child who is expressing discomfort in their current mask. Masks are required for all children and staff members in our program and will be worn with the exception of when a person is eating and drinking. During these times your child will be distanced from others. Parents and caregivers are required to wear a mask during drop off and pick-up.

We’ve installed 4 outdoor sinks with running water in our backyard. When entering the gate children will immediately be asked to wash their hands and each classroom tent has their own outdoor sink nearby.

Social Distancing
Distance of 6 feet will be kept whenever possible. We will arrange and assign spaces at table tops for kids to do work and activities and remain safely distanced. Distancing is not perfect and we are prepared for frequent reminders and redirection. We acknowledge that teaching kids how to socialize and play while also keeping space is a brand new way of being and requires patience, teaching, and lots of practice.

Drop off & Pick Up
Families will have to do a daily health screening before their child can enter the program. This is a required regulation. Both children’s programs staff and enrolled youth must undergo a COVID-19 verbal health screening at the start of each day.

Parents/caregivers will be asked a series of questions mandated by the EEC prior to signing their child in. This means a parent or caregiver will need to accompany each child at drop-off, and you may need to wait in a line as we work through health screenings at the beginning of the program day. No parent or caregivers will be permitted to go past the gates to the backyard or enter the building. We realize this is challenging, particularly for young children but we are trying to minimize the number of people in the space as much as possible, and reduce risk for transmission.

We will email families as soon as possible if any student or staff has a confirmed or presumptive case of COVID-19 during the session (we will of course maintain confidentiality in these communications). We will work with the Department of EEC and local board of health to determine what steps need to be taken, but this may result in the closure of parts of all of the program. If a child or staff member exhibits COVID-19 symptoms during the program day, they will be immediately isolated in a designated space (with supervision). We will call you or an emergency contact to pick up your child immediately.

Thank you for reviewing our programming updates! Please proceed to scroll to the appropriate age group of your artist for registration!