Handbuilding at Home

Handbuilding at Home Registration is now open!

MMA has developed our “Out of the Box” program, Handbuilding at Home!

Participants will register for the program (linked below), and receive a curated box filled with ceramic materials. Materials will be enough for four people to shareThe box will include one 25lb bag of clay, ware boards (to build from), clay tools and an in-person glazing appointment with our studio tech Bob.

Our take-home boxes will also include guidelines to start your ceramic handbuilding projects; explaining handbuilding techniques and home maintenance. Our team also made a list of suggested YouTube tutorials, interesting ceramic artists to check out in instagram.

After registering for the Handbuilding Box an MMA team member will email with a box pick up schedule.

Click here to register! —  


Will you ship the boxes?
Due to the size of the box (and 25lb bag of clay) all boxes must be picked up from MMA, no shipping will be available.

What if I’ve never done ceramics before?
This is a great non-pressure way to try something new!

How many people can use the box?
The materials provided should be enough for 4 people to share. If you need more materials you may order another box.

What if my work explodes in the kiln?
Our team will do its best to make sure all work enters the kiln safely. Unfortunately if work does explode in the kiln, we cannot refund for the project.

What age group is the box for?
All ages! Each box contains the same materials.

Whats the timeline for work?
Ceramics is a process oriented art making. Work must be created, dry enough to bring back to MMA, bisque fired, glazed and fired again! Expect the process to take several weeks.  Building & firing should be completed within 6months of receiving box.

What if I need another glazing session?
Please contact Bob about scheduling a second glazing session for an additional $75.