Independent Studio Rental

Studio Rental

Please reached out to inquire about renting the MMA studios. Renters must have been enrolled in either a print or ceramic class within the last two years in order to rent the respective studio spaces. Please review policies below or contact Cory Shea, Maud Morgan Arts Director, to discuss and schedule your use of the studio.

Ceramics Studio

Artists that have taken a Maud Morgan ceramics class may inquire about renting the ceramics studio for independent work.

The clay studio has 8 wheels, 2 electric kilns, an air filtering system, and a large canvas covered table for handwork.

  • Students are asked to sign in/out of studio binder.
  • The ceramics studio is not set up for production pottery and uses a Cone 6 white clay body only.

Due to Covid19, updated program policies are coming soon.

Printmaking Studio

Due to Covid19, our organization is hitting pause on renting out the Print studio. If you have questions about this, please contact Cory Shea.

The printmaking studio is equipped with a Takach 24” x 48” press, a variety of rollers and glass rolling surfaces, a large stainless steel sink, a drying rack, and flat files.

  • Students are asked to sign in/out of studio binder.
  • $300 is the rental rate for 30 hours during each session (Fall, winter, Spring, Summer)
  • $50 for use of print studio inks (Pay online or in front office by check or cash)

The studio is restricted to the most non-toxic materials available. We do not have ventilation for the use of oil based inks or VOC solvents. Artists working independently must demonstrate experience and proficiency in the medium and use of the equipment.

Renter Policies can be emailed upon request.