MMA Afterschool

Afterschool Arts Programming
1st-8th Grades

Please note that our registration for after school art classes has closed (9/1/21). If interested in the TNT program, please email MMA Director Cory Shea.

In Fall of 2021, ABC afterschool program merged with Maud Morgan Arts after school classes. 

Our programs will be structured somewhat differently than previous years, so please be sure to read through this email for details about our program offerings, including afterschool Maud Morgan Arts programs.

1st-5th Arts Afterschool at Maud Morgan Arts
In an effort to make our arts programming more accessible for families who rely on us for childcare, our arts programming will be structured differently this year.
There will be a 1st-2nd grade group and a 3rd-5th grade group each day. The groups will rotate through different mediums every 8-10 weeks. Arts Afterschool will take place in the studios at Maud Morgan Arts, and the backyard and basketball court at 20 Sacramento St. Arts instruction will start at 3:30pm but children who arrive earlier will be supervised, served a healthy snack and can choose to work on homework, do outdoor recess (indoors in inclement weather), and socialize with friends.

Enrollment Options


Families can enroll for 1-5 days/week of afterschool, and select days for a set weekly schedule. Enrollment is a school year commitment. Families can also enroll in a mix of regular Afterschool days and Arts Afterschool days, but we recommend a maximum of 2 days/week for Arts Afterschool to avoid too much repetition of activities. (Scroll down for registration link).

 6th-8th Grade Arts Afterschool at Maud Morgan Arts

Programming will be offered at Maud Morgan Arts on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays for 6th-8th graders. Youth will rotate through mediums every 8-10 weeks. For example, a student enrolled in a day of Arts Afterschool would get a mix of ceramics, printmaking, drawing, painting, and mixed media, over the course of the year. The program will take place in the studios at Maud Morgan, and the group will have a maximum of 10 students/day. Arts instruction will take place from 3:30-5:30 pm, but students may arrive anytime after 2pm. Before the arts activities begin, youth can have snack, do homework, socialize with friends, or play outside. Students can walk to the program, take a bus to the Baldwin School and walk themselves to the art center, or get dropped off. We will take attendance as youth arrive, and call families if we are expecting a student and they don’t arrive, but we do not meet buses and supervise the walk down to the art center for this age group.
Enrollment Options
Families can enroll for 1-3 days/week and select which days, with a set weekly schedule. The program is run Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays. Enrollment is a school year commitment, however, we recognize that for this age group, there are a variety of afterschool enrichment activities that take place over the course of the year. Therefore, we have broken the school year into three periods, and families will have the opportunity to adjust their schedule at those times without the penalty of losing the June deposit. Click here for tuition policies.