Immersion Collage Workshop

Tuesday, October 24th 6:30-9pm | Register here!
Join us for an evening of immersive collage at the Maud Morgan Arts Center with artist and instructor Jenny Brown. 

The class is about committing to the materials that are at hand, and the community spirit of sifting through carefully collected materials to build a piece of artwork that reflects a narrative, or create pieces focused on aesthetics. 

Participants are encouraged to also bring in pieces of your personal memorabilia (photos, books, saved papers or reworked artwork), Jenny will also provide treasured materials to dive into. 

Jenny has been creating mixed media artwork for the past two decades and brings her philosophy of seeing ‘the process of creating art as non-linear, I find that I experience the past, present, and future lives of my subjects all simultaneously. The use of layered antique collage, which comes into my process with its own rich history, provides a building block for illustrating the complexities of what was, what is, and what could be.”

With a focus on visualizing the most lush & ethereal phenomena of the natural world, my collages and drawings are first and foremost celebrations of the ongoing physical and spiritual evolution of our universe. 

To read, see more art and learn about Jenny, please visit her website here!

Click here to register! Scholarships available, please reach out to Cory

Images courtesy of Jenny Brown

For artists 18 and older.