Stories, Craft and Culture

Launching Saturday, February 25th | 10am-11:30am
Lead by MMA Site Director Kelsey Chaplain 

Drop into our art center in our new monthly ‘Stories, Craft & Culture’ workshop. Families are invited to listen to an age-appropriate reading and participate in an art activity reflecting the story’s themes. Saturday from 10am-11:30am. Our first book launching the program this February, will be Sitti Secrets.

The Agassiz Baldwin library was created in spring of 2019 through a $2,000 grant from the Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation. The funds were used to purchase over 100 new books to revitalize the children’s programs library shared by the Kindergarten and 1st-5th Grade Afterschool.

The titles were chosen carefully after a months-long process led by members of the children’s programs teaching staff.

Suggested donation at the door $5 per person. Help sponsor guests by making a generous donation by clicking here.