1st-5th Arts Afterschool 2023-2024

MMA Arts Afterschool will be closed 12/12 due to absences related to COVID.

1st-5th Arts Afterschool at Maud Morgan Arts
Unlike the other afterschool program Maria L Baldwin Community Center offers; MMA Arts Afterschool groups (decided by developmental age of students), will have a specific medium focus for 8-10 weeks and rotate through different art types throughout the school year. For example, a child enrolled in a day of Arts Afterschool would get a mix of ceramics, printmaking, drawing, painting, and mixed media, over the course of the year.

There won’t be semesters or gaps in programming, so enrollment would guarantee childcare on that day for the school year. Arts Afterschool will take place in the studios at Maud Morgan Arts, and the backyard and basketball court at 20 Sacramento St. Arts instruction will start at 3:30pm but children who arrive earlier will be supervised, served a healthy snack and can choose to work on homework, do outdoor recess (indoors in inclement weather), and socialize with friends.

To be eligible for 1st-5th MMA Arts Afterschool, students must be enrolled in the our (FKA ABC) Afterschool program.

For 6th-8th grade programming, please click here.