FKA Agassiz Baldwin Community

Introducing The Maria L. Baldwin Community Center!

Maud Morgan Arts is our arts programming (and center) that is under the Maria L. Baldwin Community Center umbrella.

We are thrilled to announce our organization has a new name! In May 2023, the Board of Directors voted to rename our organization the Maria L. Baldwin Community Center. This decision was informed by a community survey and listening sessions, which showed a strong support for naming the organization after Maria L. Baldwin, whose commitment to education and civic activism strongly aligns with our organization’s mission and values. There is still much work ahead but we are happy to have this important decision behind us! We’ll continue to do business as our former name while we go through the legal process to get the name officially changed.

Re-Imagining Leadership for the Future: Co-Directors

Phoebe Sinclair has joined Maria LaPage in leading our non-profit as Co-Executive Directors. We have been developing this new structure with our board and staff for the past year in response to the shifting landscape of our work, increased emphasis on anti-racism, and as we re-imagine what leadership looks like, and who fills these roles.

This bold strategic move better equips us to meet challenges of the future, adds capacity and sustainability for our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusions efforts, supports balanced decision making, and reflects the collaborative nature of our team. It’s no secret that the pandemic stretched non-profit leaders and staff, and that burnout is a major issue. Yet, the resources and social fabric that organizations like the Maria L. Baldwin Community Center help build are vital to the communities we serve and work alongside.

Rather than trying to continue on business-as-usual, we are embracing change and believe this shift will allow us to continue to be a vibrant, responsive, and forward-thinking organization.