Spring Screeprinting 2024

Spring 2024 Printmaking at Maud Morgan Arts

Screenprinting Section I | Mondays, 4/1/24 – 5/20/24
Screenprinting Section II | Tuesdays, 4/2/24 – 5/21/24

About the class: Class is structured both for introductory as well as experienced screenprinters, this course that covers water-based screenprinting. We’ll be  exploring the basic techniques and concepts of this fine art printmaking process. As always in our studios, there will be an emphasis on non-toxic methods and materials. Techniques covered will include: cut paper and hand-painted (autographic) stencils, monotypes, and photographic emulsion.

Experimental approaches towards the process will be encouraged. No prior experience is required. Classes also include sign-up- independent studio weekend hours.

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About our instructor: Christina Kang. Kang was born and raised in Morgantown, WV. She has both a BFA (West Virginia University) and MFA (Northern Illinois University) in Printmaking, and was the 2021-2022 Print Technician/Artist-in-Residence at the Maine College of Art & Design in Portland, ME. She currently lives in Cambridge, MA with her wife and two cats. When she’s not in an art studio, she enjoys baking, crochet, and listening to podcasts.

Example of Kang’s work to the right
To read more about Kang’s artistic practice, click here.