Roz Sommer’s Still Life Workshop | Online Exhibition

This Fall Roz Sommer led a 4-week Still Life Painting workshop. Focused on building layers of heavy body acrylic paint. Sommer, a still life architect, painter and collector of beautiful treasures; curated a warm display with mixed patterns, shapes and natural pieces. Inviting the participating artists to dip into their own personal interpretation of the curated set up.

Images below display the buttery consistency and painterly techniques guided by Sommer. Infusing her philosophy of painting; Sommer believes, “Thick, juicy, textural color, as well as dramatic light and shadow emphasize the intensity of my subjects… The paint application, energetic brushwork and emanating light bring underlying danger and mystery…”

Participating this fall session: Barbara Appignani, Claire Chafee, Wendy Drexler, Hannah Goldberger, Annie Hsu, Frances Rockwell and Linda Tracy.

Click the images below to see how these students mastered the art of heavy body acrylic paint.

To read and see more of Roz Sommer’s artwork, please visit her website here.