Spring 24 Workshops

Welcome to our Spring 24 Adult Workshops,

Immersion Collage with Jenny Brown
Tuesday, March 19th, 6:30-9pm

Join us for an evening of immersive collage at the Maud Morgan Arts Center with artist and instructor Jenny Brown.

The class is about committing to the materials that are at hand, and the community spirit of sifting through carefully collected materials to build a piece of artwork that reflects a narrative, or create pieces focused on aesthetics. Click here for workshop details and registration.

Participants are encouraged to also bring in pieces of your personal memorabilia (photos, books, saved papers or reworked artwork), Jenny will also provide treasured materials to dive into. Click here for workshop details and registration.

Jenny’s Collage Work pictured to the right: SEA CONFECTIONERY, 2023. 11″ X 14.” 


Spring Still Life Painting Workshop with Roz Sommer
Mondays, March 25th – April 15th
10am-12pm | 2D Studio | Click here for registration

Sit, stay and paint the finer details in our 4-week still life painting class. Work in layers with heavy body acrylic paint, learn the buttery consistency and painterly techniques guided by artist and painter, Roz Sommer.

Roz is a still life architect that sets up a view that is both delightful and challenging. Infusing her philosophy of painting Roz believes, “Thick, juicy, textural color, as well as dramatic light and shadow emphasize the intensity of my subjects… The paint application, energetic brushwork and emanating light bring underlying danger and mystery…”

Within the four weeks of this workshop, students will envelop themselves in a particular view of the still life in the classroom. The studio can accommodate up to 10 students. This smaller class size enables individual attention from our instructors and meets artists where their skill level lies.

Tuition covers cost of materials, artist just need to arrive ready to slow down and notice the smaller details in life. This workshop series is for artists 18 and older.

To read and see more of Roz’s artwork, please visit her website here.