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Chandler Gallery Current Exhibit

Chandler Gallery Current Exhibit

February 03 - February 28, 2020

Deborah Davidson blurs the line between art and magic. In the same way magicians use sleight of hand or illusions to make the impossible seem real, so too does “Dissipate. Disappear. Dispel,” Davidson’s upcoming exhibition at the Chandler Gallery. Her arrangement of black columns and line drawings sounds simple and may be minimalist in principle but, when put together, present more than what initially meets the eye.

To execute her vision, Davidson painted columns black and bisected them with fluorescent orange and red, making sections of them appear as if they’re floating. She surrounded these columns with her drawings: a series of many fine, differently colored lines all grouped closely together.

Davidson explained that the essence of the show is the contrast between the tangible and intangible, the permanent and the fading. The columns, she explained, “assert themselves and cannot vanish unless removed or degraded in some way,” while the drawings represent the act of disappearing or “things ending.”

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