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Chandler Gallery Current Exhibition

Chandler Gallery Current Exhibition

January 14 - February 08, 2019

Collaborative Show Blends Work of Three Artists To Explore Human/Animal Connection

“The Beast and Me,” the upcoming show at the Chandler Gallery, is replete with scenes of a child’s imagination. In their execution, the sculptures and drawings by Leslie Schomp, Andrea Scofield Olmstead and Mary Kenny feel lifelike, but their subjects are touched with the whimsy, curiosity and tenderness common in childhood fantasies.

In one sculpture, a woman in a white gown wraps her arms around the waist of a large brown bear, his claws hovering tentatively over her shoulders; it’s an embrace or slow dance frozen in time. In another, a small lion rests gently on a boy’s head as he closes his eyes. His expression is so tranquil that he seems lost in a dream.

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